Mrs. S. Agrawal (MD)

Build special capacities through the education system to enable student growth & contribute towards economic development.

- A.P. J Abdul Kalam, Former President of India.

Give the world the best you have, & the best will come back to you.

-Madeline Bridges

Life without struggle is literally food without sauce.Struggles develop our perspective, make us patient and if taken in a positive way, they make us strong.Same has been the story of the progress of St.Joseph in the last thirty years.We along with the dedicated staff kept on facing all the challenges and enjoying the success achieved by the institution.

Dear parents, the real purpose of education is not just gaining knowledge in various fields but also thinking in a rational and progressive way. Change is the only constant in this world, and we here at St. Joseph endeavour to prepare our students to face all the challenges with determination, self-confidence and the faith in god.Our sole aim is to mould our students in a way, that every individual connects with his inner-self, his social-self, nature and god in a perfect harmony.St. Joseph is one such place where the child not grows, but also develops in both emotional & subconscious manner.Learning to take risk, facing challenges, becoming independent in their thinking, creating lifelong bonds with each other, and making every moment worth rememberance, is what children learn here.

Dear students, St. Joseph is St. Joseph only because of you.You are the real wealth of our college and we are proud that you are studying in one of the best institutions of the city.The college is recognised not just in the field of academics but also in the fields of sports, theatre and other co-curricular activites. We provide you with a stage for your dreams, and it is your hard work, zest, knowledge and intellect that will help you in making your dreams turn into reality. Have goals and desires and work on them to be an achiever.Let your light shine! Let your dreams come true!

Mrs. S. Agrawal
(Managing Director)